Gurkhas Restaurant:

From the rich cream based curries of INDIA to the fresh distinctive flavors of Nepal, Gurkhas’ chefs bring 15 years of experience to each of our entrees. Come in to night for an experience and tastes that won’t be forgotten.

The Gurkhas- Bravest of Brave

“As I write these last words, my thoughts return to you who were my comrades, the stubborn and indomitable peasants of Nepal. Once more I hear the laughter with which you greeted every hardship. Once more, I see you in your bivouacs or about your fires, on forced march or in the trenches, now shivering with wet and cold, now scorched by a pitiless and burning sun. Uncomplaining you endure hunger and thirst and wounds; and at the last your unwavering lines disappear into the smoke and wrath of battle. Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had country more faithful friends than you”.
The words of Professor Sir Ralph Turner, MC, Served with the 3rd Queen Alexandra’s Own Gurkha Rifles in the First World War

The other moves around quite a bit. Most people around the world would prefer not to encounter them at any time, in any place under any circumstances- the equally heart-stopping Gurkha Soldiers. The Gurkhas rank at the top of the list of the world’s all-time most formidable fighting men. Ounce of ounce only nitroglycerine packs more devastating power. No berserkers they, but it is highly inadvisable to disagree seriously with them, individually or collectively. This, it is widely accepted, would be as fool-hardly as attempting to embrace a running chainsaw.Rare is the person today who has not heard of the Gurkha soldiers, the brave troops from Nepal’s isolated hills who bolster the forces of the British and Indian armies. Famed for their tenacity and loyalty in warfare since the late 18th Century, these Kukri-wielding soldiers underscored their fame by playing a key role in the 1982 Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) crisis.

The name, Gurkha, is a military touchstone, evoking deeds of bravery and daring-do. The image is of a solid chunk of mountain man wielding a razor-sharp Khukuri whose breadth is only matched by his grin. And the reality is only a little removed from the legend. For the Nepali, serving in a Gurkha Regiment is one of the greatest opportunities life can offer. For a Briton lucky enough to serve with such a regiment, there is no greater privilege; it is an experience that is never forgotten.
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