A1.Vegetable Pakora
- A variety of seasoned vegetables dipped in gram battter & fried to perfection.
A2. Vegetable Samosa
- Delicately Stuffed and fried with mildly spiced potatoes & peas.
A3. Samosa Chat
- Crispy Vegetable Samosa delicacy tossed with spices, tamarind, mind chutney & yogurt.
A4. Chicken Pakora
- Boneless Chicken fried to perfection with gram batter.

Soups and Salads

SO1. Vegetable Soup 
- Sesonal vegetables cooked in veg broth and spices
SO2. Daal Soup 
- Lentils cooked with herbs in homemade sauce.
SO4. Kuchumber Salad 
- Served with carrots, lettuce & cucumbers with lemon dressing.
SO5. Garden Fresh Salad 
- Served with fresh cucumbers, luttuce, tomatoes, onion and carrot.

Side Orders

- One Box of Extra Rice
- Cool homemade yogurt with grated cucumbers, chopped tomatoes & mint leaves
Mango Pickle
- Hot and Spicy mixed Indian mango pickles
Mango Chutney
- Sweet and spicy pickles from India
- A crisp lentil wafer
Plain Yogurt 

Naan Breads

(Naan bread contains white flour and dairy products. All breads are brushed with butter unless otherwise specified when you order)

TB1. Butter Naan 
- Fluffy and light bread cooked in our clay oven (tandoor) made fresh everyday
TB2. Honey Naan
- Unleavened bread, baked by slapping it quickly on the side of the tandoor, served piping hot with honey
TB3. Garlic Naan
- Naan with a stuffed with garlic and baked in the tandoor
TB4. Cheese Naan
- Naan bread stuffed with cheese
TB5. Kabuli Naan
-Naan bread stuffed with cherry and coconut
TB6. Onion Kulcha 
- Naan with touch of fresh onions spices with butter
TB7. Roti 
- Traditional unleavened wheat bread
TB8. Paratha 
- Buttered & Layered whole wheat bread
TB9 Aloo Paratha 
- Unleavened bread stuffed with potato and spices

Tandoori Specialties

(The traditional clay oven (Tandoor) is known for the exquistite taste it provides to meats and breads, the pride of subcontinent India. Every Princedom in India has its own unique barbecues and roast of various meats, fish and poultry. Enjoy these tasty dishes !!!

T1. Chicken Tikka 
- Boneless chicken breast, marinated with special sauce served in sizzler.
T2.Tandoori Chicken
- Chicken Leg meat, served sizzler.
T3. Lamb Seek Kabab 
- Lamb ground with fresh ginger, garlics and home made cheese, seasoned with spices and cooked on skewers.
T4. Lamb Boti Kabab 
- Bonless tender chunks of lamb, heavely spiced.

Seafood Delicacies

F1. Shrimp/Fish Curry 
- Shrimp/Fish cooked in gravy sauce with herbs and spices
F2. Shrimp/Fish Zalfrezi 
- Tender marinated shrimp/fish in a spicy sauce of capsicum, onion, kashmiri cumin seeds and green chilies.
F3. Shrimp/Fish Masala
- Cooked in an exotic combination of spices and fresh creamy tomato sauce.
F4. Coconut Shrimp/Fish Curry 
- Tender Shrimp/Fish pieces cooked in special home made coconut sauce and herbs
F5. Shrimp Saag
- Shrimp cooked in special home made sauce with spinach.


An authentic Indian ice cream made with milk and nuts
Gulab Jamun
Juicy milk balls dipped in honey syrup
Mango Ice Cream
Mango-flavored ice cream
Kheer (Rice Pudding)
Long grain Basmati rice in thick milk with almonds, nuts, raisins, topped with pistachio

Soft Drinks

A. Lassi ( Sweet or Salted) 
- Refreshing drink made with homemade yogurt & flavored with rose water
B. Indian Tea (Chai) 
Made with Indian spices and milk
C. Fountain Drink (Free Refill)
- Coke product, Iced Tea
D. Mango Lassi
- Yogurt drink flavored with alphoso Mango
E. Mango Milk Shake $2.99
F. Juice (Apple/Orane)-Refreshing drink made with homemade yogurt & flavored with rose water $1.99
G. Milk $1.99
* “Spicy does not mean hot” *
We will be happy to alter our spices to your taste


Nepali Specialities

N1. Momocha (Chicken)
- Steam Momos served with home made sauce

N2. Vegetable Chilli 
- Sauteed veg in hot & spicy sauce with red chillies, bell peppers onions with soy sauce & freshly spiced to perfection.

N3. Chicken Chilli 
- Chicken Brest in hot & spicy sauce with red chillies, bell peppers onions with soy sauce & freshly spiced to perfection.

N4. Shrimp Chilli 
- Shrimp in hot & spicy sauce with red chillies, bell peppers onions with soy sauce & freshly spiced to perfection.

N5. Sekuwa
- An authentic Nepali dish with Lamb,red onions stir fried in Nepali spices.

Rice & Noodles Specialties

B1. Vegatable Biryani
- Fregrant aromatic rice cooked with fresh garden vegetables and nuts
B2. Chicken Biryani
- Classic mulai dish of curried boneless chicken cooked with fragrant rice & topped with nuts
B3. Lamb Biryani
- Lamb pieces cooked with fragrant rice, nuts & flavoed
B4. Jhinge Biryani
- Aromatic Bassmati rice cooked with shrimp, mild oriental spices, garnished with nuts
B5. Vegetable Chow Cow
- Stir fried noodles with vegetable & sprinkled with Salantro.
B6. Chicken Chow Cow
- Stir fried noodles with vegetable & chicken, sprinkled with Salantro.

B7. Vegetable Chow Cow
- Stir fried noodles with vegetable & lamb, sprinkled with Salantro.
B8. Vegetable Thukpa
- Noodles, fresh vegetables with special home made sauce and served as healthy filling soup.
B9. Chicken Thukpa
- Noodles, fresh vegetables with chicken, special home made sauce and served as healthy filling soup.

Vegetarian Specials

V1. Saag Paneer
- Chopped spinach, creamy with home made cheese, cream and seasoned with aromatic herbs.
V2. Daal Saag
- Mixed lentils with spinach & spices
V3. Channa Masala
- Garbanzo beans with onions, tomatos in special sauce
V4. Sabji Malsla
- Vegetables (potatoes, carrots, peas, cauli flower, beans) with fresh spices
V5. Aloo Gobi
- Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with onions herbs and spices.
V6. Bhindi Masala
- Green Okara cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices.
V7. Daal Fry
- Toor daal, Muug daal, Chana daal with ginger, garlics, onions, tomatoes & cumin seeds.
V8. Bangan Bharta
- Eggplant bakes in clay oven and cooked with tomatos and onions.
V9. Malai Kofta
- Home made cheese mixed with potatoes, spices & cashew nuts.
V10. Paneer Makhani
- House paneer cooked in home made tomato sauce and cream.

Non Veg Entrees

- Cooked in authentic indian sauce with, onion, ginger, garlic and herbs
$11.99 (Chicken) $13.99 (Lamb)
- Cooked with potatoes, bell paper & onions in our fresh vandaloo sauce.
$11.99 (Chicken) $13.99 (Lamb)
- Tender pieces of meat in spicy sauce with capsicums, onions & kashmiri cumin seeds.
$11.99 (Chicken)$13.99 (Lamb)
Coconut Curry
- Cooked in special coconut sauce and herbs.
$11.99 (Chicken) $13.99 (Lamb)
Tika Saag
- Cooked with chopped spinach in a special home made sauce.
$12.99 (Chicken) $14.99 (Lamb)
- Creamy curry with ground cashewnuts, spices and cream.
$12.99 (Chicken) $14.99 (Lamb)
Tika Masala
- Simmered in home made tomato based sauce with cream.
$12.99 (Chicken) $14.99 (Lamb)

Please call and check with Restaurant Personnel for latest Menu updates. Price May be change without notice.